Holistic Pet Care

Kimberly Ann Grobholz, Veterinary Practioner (Paracelsus Schule, Munich+Lindau), has been practicing in her clinic in Munich, Germany, for many years. Her success with healing especially difficult cases which were declared hopeless by veterinarian colleagues – and literally “rescuing” them from the death-injection – has brought her widespread respect in her field. Countless animals at every age, declared as permanently dependent for the rest of their lives on medication such as cortison and antibiotics , have been helped to strengthen their own healing powers and thus come away from questionable (and costly) dependencies. Born  and raised in Los Angeles, Kim had the opportunity to “own” and live with practically all pets imaginable, from opposom to iguana. Marriage brought her to Germany where she studied music and later history (B.A., U. of Maryland).

Among her applied therapies are homeopathy, bach flower remedies, laser-puncture, isopathie and especially her medial abilities (“Animal Kinesiology”) which open a new dimension in diagnostic and treatment. With a sample of fur, a feather and/or photo of the patient she is able to receive information in dialogue-form which normally remains guess-work for both owners and veterinarians alike. This enables her to “test” animals, especially those with behavioral problems, using a photo, a sample of fur or a feather. What results is a “Psychogram”, a reading of the state of the animal´s psyche and its homeopathic constitution (how it´s hardwired), no matter where the animal is located.  Another result is an individual  therapy plan which assists in harmonizing the patient with his environment.  Because illness almost always has a psychological component, Bach Flower Remedies - with the appropriate homeopathic constitution medicine - can support the healing process during illness or post-operative.

Therapy with Animals

The association “Tiere-helfen-Menschen e.V.” (Animals help People) is a group consisting of 1,000 active menbers all over Germany who are involved in helping the aged, handicapped and others in need on a voluntary basis.
Kimberly Ann Grobholz is the regional head of “Tiere-helfen-Menschen” for Munich. Only a small but dedicated group in Munich, we visit the St. Josef Home in Munich-Haidhausen once or twice a week with our dogs. Not only do the elderly profit immensely from our endeavor, but also the children in the foster childrens home which is part of the complex. The children, ages 5 to 10, don´t have regular contact with pets, and having a dog visit regularly is an opportunity for them to learn about the treatment and handling of dogs.
We have also begun a reading program “Children read to Dogs” which helps those children with reading disabilities lose their inhibitions and complexes about reading which have accumulated over the years in school.
The kids also look forward to visiting the elderly with us, creating a win-win situation for all. The old people light up when the kids and dogs visit, the children experience what it is like to help others, and experience a feeling of efficacy themselves when they get to be the “dog experts”.